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We will accept calls at other times but our response time may not be as fast.    


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 to you. 

For those 
of you 
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Welcome to our website. . .I am Barb Colmery, the owner of Practical Computer Solutions. I have 15 years' experience as a consultant and technical support provider.



If you are new to our services, we look forward 
to the pleasure of working with you.

We are proud of our reputation for providing 
an exceptional level of service

We know and appreciate how valuable your time is.

We provide the most rapid response time possible.

Our primary goals include helping you learn to use your system more efficiently and implement procedures to protect your information. 


  • safe backup & restore procedures

  • safeguards and protection against viruses

  • cautions about peer-to-peer networks

  • merge letters


Practical Computer Solutions (pcs) offers consulting and services for individuals and small businesses. Our primary services are: 

  • technical support for CLIP and other software 

  • training

  • software sales

  • hardware and software installation 

  • custom system configurations



  contacting  technical  support

If I am not available to answer your call directly, you will reach my voice-mail pager. However, occasionally pages do not transmit, or we may be involved in a lengthy support problem. It has always been our policy to return phone calls the same day, and we generally respond within 1 hour, if not sooner. Often you will receive a call back in less than 15 minutes. If you have not received a call back within 30 minutes, please assume that the page did not go through and contact us again.  


Please note - digital (numeric) pages are not reliable in this area (where you punch in your phone number instead of leaving a voice message). For this reason, I suggest that you leave a voice message.  Be sure to include your name, company name, telephone with area code, CLIP serial number, and the reason for your call.  


Be sure to specify in your message when you will be available. If you will only be available for a short time or if you would prefer a call back at a different time or day, be sure to explain this in your message. If you let us know,  we will make every effort possible to arrange our call back to you at your requested time.     




Payment Policy


$99.00 per hour  -  $1.65/ minute

~ Minimum charge - 10 minutes - $ 16.50 ~


We accept Visa and Mastercard or pre-payments ONLY